Although I'm quite a fast bookworm, I haven't read that much lately.

I prefer books that I can read in one or two days because I read non-stop and don't allow any distractions,

e.g. emails, phone calls, hunger, thirst, or tiredness.


* * *


You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books, and that's kind of the same thing.

 Alexandra Potter is the best, plain and simple.

It was love at first page, and I'm still nuts about her books.

Some girls watched "Beauty and the Beast" and wanted the prince.

I watched it and wanted the library.

I just had a few days off and time for a treat. "The Secrets of Happiness" was

actually my very first book by Lucy Diamond, and it won't be the last, for sure.

What a terrific ride on an emotional roller coaster!


Brilliant! Well done,  Jojo Moyes!

Life and love are complicated, but what's meant to be will be.

If I put my book down, the characters might do something without me.